Stairways to Hell

Y’all digging in deeper.. making your own graves.

All hail the deceiver, evil roads he paves.

The stairways to your hell.. no heaven in sight.

As if you cannot tell, the worsening plight.

These things laughable now… how could you NOT see.

Darkness taking a bow, satan smiles with glee!

He’s done his part slyly, all consumed greedily.

While the other shyly, tried to beckon to thee.

Can’t you see the truth? Must you go out blindly?

Acting so aloof.. while he screws you kindly?

How many need tell.. whats the number of pleas?

Haven’t enough fell? Fallen prey to disease.

More than I can stand.. These obvious capers.

Chaos through the land, while goodness just tapers.

I’m at my wits end.. about just what to do

So much is pretend, and way too much ado..

Want to run away, want to escape it all.

How much can one pray? How many more must fall?

This poem was published previously in my book: Revelations Click the link to view it on Google Books.

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