The Light..

There was this little light hiding inside…

Underneath the trauma and pain.

I didn’t know what it was, something had stifled it.

Eventually, I called it DEPRESSION.

There was this yearning light

inside.. I was afraid of it,

I didn’t know what it was, I

didn’t see it in the others..

For some reason, I called it CRAZY.

There was a Bright, light deep

inside, with dreams and

hopes.. but scared and confused..

It was different, and nobody else liked it.

So They called me CRAZY.

One day I was sad and lost..

So I started walking off,

whenever I felt anxious or

depressed or they thought

I was crazy.

It seemed like I walked and

walked. And I was very

alone… but then a funny

thing happened.

There was this bright light

inside, that started to

emerge.. and I didn’t feel so


I loved my little

light, so I let it shine.. but

at times, others would shroud


I tried to be patient I

tried to compromise.. but I’d

eventually remember to walk


I would stand tall,

shining in the darkness like a great lighthouse..

I learned to use my lighthouse, to follow my path..

and to know that when it got too dark,

I was going the wrong way.

I started to love my light,

and so did my family..

they no longer looked at me crazy.

See, they didn’t know I was lost.

They didn’t know my world was so gray.

Now, my light is quite bright and cheery.

I can use it to help light the way.

For all the others.. whose life is maybe gray.

Every soul has a little light waiting..

Just maybe it’s your time to walk away.

There’s this little light inside,

and it belongs to Serenity.

She isn’t depressed,

nor does she have anxiety.

There’s this little light inside..

and I still sometimes call it crazy..

but In a good way.

There’s this fantastic light inside..

yes, it’s mine and I’m Gonna let it Shine!!

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