A different level…

‘A Different Level’ by Serenity Mask

If you were a sort who could be trusted.

I’d share things, a curious mind is never rested..

Past times turned bad.. so, I don’t breathe a word.

Plus, privy to things, I alone asked of my Lord.

Grandma Mask always told one thing clearly…

“The woman at the well… was told, if you’d asked me“. Written quite plainly, for all of mankind.

Ask and ye shall receive… Seek and then ye shall find.

Therefore, ask for trouble, and you’ll find it…

Desire serenity… He will provide it.

It’s not rocket science.. need no degree.

As a matter of fact.. there’s so much we could UNSEE.

Much Ado about nothing.. conspiracy.

The sum of it all has been written down, you see!

Anything else.. not for us to yet know!

When the time is right.. it’ll all be explained though.

Please?! I promise! Read HIS WORD! It will help.

My entire person has been changed! With HIS HELP❣️