All of you False, Lying Teachers..
& God Hatin Preachers,
Aren't foolin me none!
Preaching the end!
Make 'em even scared to begin.
But the time for your Fall
has finally begun.
Ain't taking no more, I'll show you the door.
Your special type of FEARING God don't fly here.
Love of God, should at least be clear.
Well, you no longer have the floor.
So, stay the hell outta my face.
I WILL state & make my case…
It's high time to settle this score.
'Your’ brand of talking the end,
making 'em try to fit in their last bouts of sin.
til misled message sinks in..
"hey… WE can't win =[
Well, listen up now, new teams are steppin in.
Take ur final bow. Cause WE know!
Your illusions about worn thin.
And the truth is about to come out.
Ending YOUR version of world, your devious Reign.
making HIS children stand and fight for the change .
No longer Frozen by Fear.
God wins again.

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