You’re still living the nightmare.. I’m living My Dreams.

In dreams until my death… (1). I wait to be seated in the Kingdom. Watching you holding your breath.. while claiming you’ve the highest Wisdom.

I’m quite sure now, that’s not how it works. Ignorance: Bliss? Wow.. maybe in spurts.

Admitting defeat.. and lost like a scared kitty! A wanderers weary feet.. while looking like a hippy!

That’s what it took, it was enough. Of course, with ‘The Book’. And loss of all stuff.

There’s nothing new under the sun; bid your control adieu.. and follow the Son.

You can go about your ways, do what you do! But one of these days.. The jokes may be on YOU. Keep on assuming that they all cry wolf.. look at all the sexy killers, wearing wool…head to hoof.
(1)Chris Cornell/Audioslave

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