So very tired…

Sick and tired of endlessly paying off the multitude of debts of forefathers!

All the while breaking my back breaking cycles for our daughters.

Meanwhile, dozens more by the minute, born to thoughtless mothers.

Makes me sick thinking of all the careless behavior.

Racking up my life’s horrors, that won’t stop coming down a perpetual conveyer.

What in the Hell were they thinking ?
“Hey man, why not steal, kill, and plunder”.

They didn’t value their lives, why would the kids even matter?

Well.. they matter to me, God Help me. I DO care.

My sensitive heart, my blistered feet.. yep. I took the Dare.

Dam you satan I’ll jump through these hoops of repentance.

My Savior knew I would, so get ready for your sentence.

Us trampled down fighters, the faithful survivors..

Beaten down warriors waiting for vengeful fires.

No, we don’t hate. Fighting for EVERY soul, all but one..

He who caused all of life’s torturous tolls.

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