Are you affecting those around you in a NEGATIVE way?

  • As an adult and potential role model to the youngsters in your family and/or neighborhood. Who else is responsible? We all should be helping to raise the kids to be well rounded. Remember the old saying? Well, it REALLY does take a village.
  • As a Supervisor or Manager over other employees at the workplace. Especially the young ones, many of whom are just starting their first job. Or even the poor, exhausted single parent. Let’s not forget the middle aged woman with lots of issues, on top of starting a new job. One important factor many supervisors forget? The basic rules of being a leader. Creating a positive and tolerable work environment.
  • As a customer service representative. When we visit a restaurant, gas station, or even the library, our interactions can have a powerful impact on our moods and effect the rest of our day. The job title says it all, yet those with a true ‘service with a smile’ nature are becoming few and far between.
  • As a teacher, nurse, or perhaps the school lunch lady. These professions are the type that would typically have kind and thoughtful persons for employees, but too many people are becoming grouchy, complaining, ‘Debby Downers’. I think we all have come to realize how contagious moods and characteristics really are, it’s just hard to get around to start being proactive about it.

The world is full of a lot of fear and a lot of negativity, and a lot of judgment. I just think people need to start shifting into joy and happiness. As corny as it sounds, we need to make a shift.

~Ellen DeGeneres

The moral of the story? Be happy! Spread Positivity & Light!